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How To Pay

Hi all, I hope you are all doing well. The payment page is now up and running for Sangeet Retreat 2019, and there are some changes from last year:

The cost for the Full Week will be £375.

We have removed the option to pick individual days to attend the retreat and instead have a base rate for Half Week (23rd to 27th August) of £225. If you wish to attend less days than this, the half week fee will still need to be paid in full.

For Sitar Students, Roopa Ji will only be attending the retreat from 23rd until 28th August morning; this fee is £275.

The option for bursaries will still be available but significantly limited (bursaries must be agreed in advance with the Uthan team)

Due to the high amount of interested in the retreat, and the limited space available this year, the Uthan team and Ustad’s will filter students to choose who they would like to attend. The new system is as follows:

Step 1 - Head over to, enter your details and select the Sangeet Retreat 2019 option

Step 2 - Complete the form and click ‘Submit Booking’

Step 3 - Once submitted, you will see a confirmation notice and an email. At this stage, the Uthan team will review your application, before either approving or declining your application for the Retreat.

Step 4 - Once your application has been reviewed and accepted by the Uthan Team, you will receive an email confirmation, including a link to a payment page, along with a specified payment code.

Step 5 - Either click the link or manually visit and copy the code from the email in Step 4.

Step 6 - Review the details of your application to ensure they are correct, and proceed to the PayPal payment page.

Step 7 - Pay using PayPal. Upon payment, you will receive an email confirming your place at Sangeet Retreat 2019.